First blog post

Hi.  I’m Stef.  Here’s what I am not-  I am not a personal trainer; I am not a nutritionist; I am not a fitness model; I am not perfect.  I am also not sure anyone is going to want to read about my life.  In fact, I’m a little embarrassed about having started this blog (seems a little egocentric, doesn’t it?), and  I haven’t told a soul (yet) that I am doing this (not even my husband).  Maybe it will just end up being a diary of sorts, or maybe I can influence positive change for someone’s life, along with the lives of other living creatures.

So…what made me decide to do this?  People are constantly asking me how I stay so fit…and when they learn I’m a vegan, they are suddenly very curious about what I eat (“where do you get your protein?”🙄).  People seem to want to know, so I am putting it out there.

This blog is not about how to be skinny, although I will admit to having a somewhat unhealthy obsession with that most of my life.  I am not here to body shame anyone. There are many shapes of fit.  However, personally, I am happier leaner.  Right or wrong, I bought into the social bullshit that says it’s better.  I also feel stronger and more energetic this way, and I perform better athletically.  If you adopt a similar lifestyle, chances are, you will lose body fat and size.

Please understand- the things I will share are not necessarily the most right, the best, or even the healthiest (depending on who you ask).  I believe strongly in animal rights, lots of healthy plant based food, and exercise.  I try to be kind, and I am consciously working to improve myself (most days).  However, I still eat sushi occasionally, and I drink wine daily and sometimes excessively (OK, every weekend and some weeknights). I use bad language (a lot), and I have sometimes made insensitive comments.  Imperfect is in the title of the blog, and I’m going to try to keep this as real as I can.

I am self educated on the topic of wellness/ fitness through lots of research, reading, and personal trial and error.  I plan to share how I plan my meals, what I eat (recipes), how I work out, where I find the best cruelty free shoes/ bags/ clothes, what cosmetics and (ahem) procedures I like, and what drives me (might have to figure this one out as I go).  I expect this to evolve, so it may turn out much different than I think…

If anyone read this, thanks.  Please feel free to leave feedback.


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